About Us

We proudly say that we are the only company in India which manufactures food& pharmaceutical grade starches with automated packaging line that is enabled by pneumatic and PLC/SCADA system to produce starches in clean room environment.

Considering our national & International customers with CGMP requirements who are quality conscious, a new manufacturing facility in the sprawling area of Dondaicha, Shivangan Food & Pharma. We boasts of fully equipped facilities like microbiological labs, quality assurance/ control labs.

Our aim is to constantly innovate and produce high quality food and pharma grade starches, Maize Starch IP, BP & USP grade starches.

Our core strength is our research and development division which constantly aims to achieve continuous quality and develop products of high standards as per our premium customer requirements.

Our Aim

Constant innovation & production of superior quality products for the benefits of our valued customers make them to get an edge against their competitors.


Experts in the field of manufacturing using state of the Art Technology to produce hygienic ingredients for Food & Pharmaceutical industry adopted safety methods for products and process.

Raw material till the finished products utmost care is taken at every stage to produce non contaminated pure and perfect products to achieve stipulated specifications.

PLC & SCADA – This system of supervisory control information desk provides, control & data logging of entire plant


Ongoing stringent quality control management system matching international standards assures consistency in quality. QC is prioritize to resolve issues if any instantaneously.


Our techno-commercial marketing team is skilled to handle technical queries. Constant consultation's with our plant's Technical team & our customers help understand the needs of customer & ensures timely delivery. Up to date with latest technology our marketing team can assist in finding the right solution to any type of problems. we thrive on this team with sole motto of "ensuring customers satisfaction self ensured company's growth".